Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stanford to Offer Course in CryptoCurrency

As part of its new graduate certificate program in cybersecurity, Stanford University is offering a course titled, “Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends,” taught by TRUST researcher and Stanford Professor of Computer Science Dan Boneh and launching in September 2015. Boneh will also be extending the course online to professionals enrolled in the program.

Boneh and others in the field feel the time is right to develop on online course to help others learn about the opportunities and challenges created by virtual currencies, including Bitcoin. The course will explore ways to ensure that new payment technologies are designed to secure privacy while also protecting digital assets.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Camp for Cybersecurity

High school students in the San Francisco Bay Area had a special opportunity to learn more about cybersecurity this summer, thanks to CYBEAR, a summer camp funded by the NSA and the National Science Foundation and hosted by the TRUST Center. The camp is part of a system of 43 camps nationwide that seeks to address an extreme shortage of cybersecurity workers needed in both government and industry. In addition to including a number of UC Berkeley faculty and students as instructors, the program also collaborated with the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to develop curriculum.

Participants in CYBEAR were introduced to basic concepts about conducting research, learned about secure programming and principles of privacy, and were provided with information to help them define a path to careers in cyber security and privacy. The camp was successful in attracting significant numbers of underrepresented minorities (camp population was 55% female and 64% underrepresented minorities) and in reaching schools that do not offer any teacher-led computer science program.
The program was featured in a number of media outlets.