Wednesday, February 11, 2009

D.A. considers 211 cases of possible voter fraud

The Orange County, California District Attorney's Office is investigating 211 possible cases of voter fraud in the November 4th presidential election. Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley sent the list after his office used computer databases to search for cases where one person submitted more than one ballot. Kelley says that history shows that most instances of double voting are unintentional as with a voter that submits two absentee ballots, or an absentee ballot in addition to voting at the polls.

UC Berkeley Professor David Wagner, who studies electronic voting security says that post-election audits across the state have improved recently under the heightened scrutiny of state and local officials.
"It's important for transparency because it gives voters more confidence that the right person won," Wagner said. "The big picture is the whole state of California is in good shape."
Wagner stated that these registration errors should be fixed for future elections but that it is not someting that's going to affect the outcome of an election since it is an issue of such small scale.

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